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Thank You Essential Workers - Covid-19 Relief Window Poster

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I've been sitting here for days wondering what I could do to help. As a non-essential worker I was evaluating my skill set and realized I'm pretty good at making stickers and stuff. So I designed this as a tribute to those out there fighting the brave fight. I know its not much, but its something. I will not collect any money from these products. Proceeds made (after cost of printing) will go directly to two causes. 50% will go to Feeding South Dakota so we can do some good here at home and the other 50% will go to  Feeding America. 

These products will be to-order. Please allow 14-24 days for delivery. 

I am also looking into using my resources to get some face masks from my wholesale suppliers - I am thinking some of the money made could go towards purchasing those as soon as I figure out if they are safe for use at the hospital. I will update this website with that info as soon as I have it. 
11x17 window poster