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Birthday donation

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I have been having such a great time here on the West Coast! Next week, my darling daughter is flying out to join me for a bit before we both return home, to the Hills. I have seen my time here as a quest to discover fun places to show her. I simply, can not wait to show her what I've found!

However, one or two things I would love to do, but sadly can not afford, one is whale watching and the other is a visit to the Monterey Aquarium.

So an ask to you this February afternoon; If, perhaps, you would find some joy in helping us continue this journey, and if, perhaps, you have enjoyed some of these photos, you could help us out by purchasing some fun art for your walls. All funds raised will go towards these adventures. 

You have all been so awesome and supportive. I have really loved showing you the fun thing's I have been seeing.