About Us

Look, We love it here, that’s why we live here. We’ve spent nearly our whole darn lives crawling around these-here-hills. We created this site – these stickers – those awesome hats – because we suspect other people love it here too. We thought maybe, just maybe they’d want to have a little piece of it to carry around with them wherever they roam.  We’re not some big corporation looking to get rich off these things… we’re just some darn kids who want to celebrate (with you) what makes the Black Hills so darn great.

We’re also new to all this, so grant us the gift of your patience as we build our collection. Every time we make a sticker we have to sell a gaggle before we can make the next one. Which is cool because it keeps the ideas rolling and the site new and fresh for you. So check back often, because I suspect there will always be something new you haven’t seen yet.

So that’s the quick and dirty download on us. If there’s anything else you are itchen’ to know, please don’t hesitate to contact us. And if you find yourselves roaming the streets in Rapid City, do stop by and say hi… chances are pretty good we can find something or other to chat about. You can find us at 508 6th Street. Right next to the Elks Theater… that is, unless we’re out running around soaking up some time in the Hills.